“My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and during a two-and-a-half year period we sought treatment from my gynecologist and 2 fertility doctors. Over that time several doctors stated that we were both in good health and that there was no definitive reason for me to not be pregnant.

After a number of failed IVFs, our Fertility Specialist recommended Acupuncture in conjunction with IVF. Taking his advice, we learned of Dr. Susan Schiff from our local Resolve chapter, and began visiting her during the beginning of our third IVF cycle with this particular Specialist.

Over the course of 7 months, I began feeling calmer, healthier, and more importantly balanced. I believe it was this healthy state that attributed to my becoming pregnant naturally just days shy of the beginning of our fourth IVF cycle.”

– Linda and Mark

“After doing some research we decided to incorporate Acupuncture in our plan to become pregnant. While at our IVF Specialist’s office, we picked up a brochure on Acupuncture Associates of Delray Beach, and from the first meeting with Dr. Schiff, we knew that we had made the right choice.

She took the time to really get to know me, my husband and our quest to have a child. She addressed our concerns and fears, gave us strength and confidence through data and facts, and provided genuine empathy to proceed through each step of our fertility process.

After each treatment, I literally felt lighter on my feet, stress-free and ready to take on anything that the fertility program tossed our way. I was so confident in Dr. Schiff’s program that we opted to have her present during our critical transfer stage. She provided Acupuncture treatments before and after the transfer, right there at the hospital.

Well, guess what? We succeeded in our first attempt at in vitro fertilization, and we are currently happy, healthy and eight months pregnant! Our friends tell us how “lucky” we are.

We can’t say for sure what made our first IVF a success, be we know in our hearts (and from medical studies) that the Acupuncture played an important role. And, there are no better hands to place your trust and health in than with Dr. Susan Schiff.”

– Karen and Paul

“In 2002, I was diagnosed with “early menopause” at 27 years old. Specifically, I was told that my ovarian reserve had been depleted and I had no chance of getting pregnant. Doctors could not find an answer to what was causing the outrageous hormonal levels and the only solution they provided if I wanted to get pregnant was to go through an egg donor procedure.

I couldn’t understand why doctors couldn’t find a reason for my “disease”, and I took a step back and asked, “why me?” I knew that there had to be a way out, so my husband and I decided to give alternative medicine a try. We started with homeopathy and after 3 months of treatment, I started having my period again. This gave me renewed strength and hope, and after a few months, my doctor recommended Dr. Schiff for Acupuncture.

She gave me a lot of faith to continue, but did mention that rebalancing my body would take time. I felt like my life had started again, went 1-2 times a week for Acupuncture, along with taking herbal treatments. Soon after, I started feeling much better, had a lot of energy, and was feeling very positive. I knew that my body was starting to function again and that it was a matter of time before I got pregnant.

It’s almost 3 years since my first diagnosis of early menopause, and I am 6 months pregnant. Dr. Schiff never lost faith in me and I owe this miracle to her! My little boy is healthy and growing, and even today my gynecologist cannot believe that this is happening.

We have learned a lot from this process and encourage couples to never lose faith. My husband and I are very thankful for all that Dr. Schiff achieved with us and we will never forget.”

– Pamela and John